Here's how this all started...

I've had a sewing machine for years, but hadn't really ever done much with it.  A few years back, I decided I wanted to make myself a t-shirt quilt using some old softball jerseys and race shirts.  I found a great deal on an embroidery machine that had more features than my super basic machine, and I started "practicing" by making baby quilts, totes and other things.  Turns out there were people interested in buying the totes I made or that wanted quilts made - so I started a sole proprietorship - and So Sew Crazy was born in January of 2016.

I found that cutting the parts for the quilt was extremely time consuming, so I did some research and bought a Silhouette Cameo that I was hoping could do that for me.  Turns out it doesn't cut fabric as well as I'd hoped - and I was talking about selling it when someone invited me to a Facebook craft group.  My. Mind. Was. Blown. This thing can do AMAZING things with vinyl and paper and anything else that can fit through the rollers.

Then someone at work asked me to make a tumbler for Boss's Day last October (2016).  She explained the "theme" and asked if I could cut a vinyl decal to put on a 20 oz Yeti.  My vision initially was to find some camo vinyl to cut into the design, but I couldn't get my hands on camo vinyl in time - and I couldn't bear the thought of slapping "hunter's orange" on the cup and calling it a day - so I started looking into painting tumblers.  I found the "Fentertainment" channel on YouTube and watched a few of his videos on dipping cups and sealing them with an FDA approved epoxy - and I went for it.  I made the dipped camo tumbler for Boss's Day and also made myself a Ray's tumbler.

I posted pictures of it on Facebook, and the next thing you know - I had dozens of folks wanting to know if I could do this or that logo/design.  And I did.  And the more orders I got, the more tumblers I made, the more pictures I posted, the more orders I got...  Except the epoxy finish was a ginormous pain in the rear end, and it didn't consistently cure smoothly, and I was wasting a LOT of time and tumblers redoing cups that didn't cure properly - so I started looking into powder coating.

Which brings us to January 2017 - I opened an Etsy shop, invested in the necessary equipment and powder to start powder coating, AND I LOVE IT!!!  So Sew Crazy became an LLC exactly one year after I started the Sole Proprietorship.  I'm still working on improving my workflow so I can turn orders around faster, work more efficiently and keep up with the bookkeeping - then I'm hoping to focus on growing my little side business as much as I can handle without giving up my day job.


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